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Renters insurance coverage

Renters Insurance

If you rent in Maryland, you should absolutely consider renters insurance from DMV Insurance Agency Inc. Some property owners even make it a requirement. Here is how renters insurance works.

Who Needs Renters Insurance

If you rent, then you should consider renters insurance. Insurance is rarely a requirement for people who rent in Maryland, but it's something everyone who rents should consider. However, for more specific cases, consider renters insurance if:

  • You can't afford to replace the things you own if a disaster happens
  • You can't comfortably afford to pay for something stolen
  • You own a pet that may bite or scratch someone
  • The property owner requires it

Renters insurance offers a lot of protection and benefits for renters. So, if you're in a condo, apartment complex, or just renting a room in someone's home, consider getting coverage for yourself and your things.

What Renters Insurance Covers

Coverage options for renters insurance will depend on what you choose. Renters insurance will generally cover the following:

Personal Property Protection - Renter's insurance covers the things you own. If you add up the value of everything you own in your rented house, apartment, or condo, you'll realize just how valuable it all is. Renters insurance protects property against specific incidents such as:

  • Fire, lightning, and wind damage
  • Smoke damage
  • Damage from vandalism
  • Theft and burglary

Renters insurance also covers your property even if it's not in your home when something happens to it.

Medical and Personal Liability Protection - Renters insurance can help protect you if someone holds you liable for an accident or injury. Your renter's policy may also cover some medical expenses incurred by someone having an accident while at your home.

Living expenses and Loss of Use - If a situation arises that keeps you from living in your home, then your renter's insurance can help pay for other accommodations for a time.

Renters insurance can come with many other benefits as well. At DMV Insurance Agency Inc., we offer renters insurance packages for people in any renting situation. Contact or visit us today to find out more about renters insurance and how it can benefit you.

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